Your polling location, hours, and ballot information can all be found in one place on the Michigan Secretary of State’s website:

The General Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out and submit one of the forms on that page to search for your voter information, by name, driver’s license number, address, or county.
  3. If you searched by name or driver’s license number, the page will inform you whether or not you’re registered to vote, and if you’ve applied for and when you were sent an absentee ballot.
  4. Upcoming elections and associated ballot previews can be found in the “Election Calendar” section. Your polling location, hours, and contact information can be found in the “Your polling location” section. For drop box locations for absentee ballots, look in the “Your clerk” section for “Drop box locations”.

Remember to bring a valid photo ID when you go to vote. But even if you forget, you can still vote by signing an affidavit.

Not registered to vote? Click here to find out how to register to vote.