Is my employer required to give me time off to vote?

No. While many states require employers to give employees time off to vote, Michigan does not have a similar law.

Where can I find more information about the presidential candidates?

Choose your position on key issues and see which candidates agree with you:

Can I vote for candidates in more than one party?

In the primary (typically March or August), you can only vote for candidates in a single party. You can choose which party you want to vote for when you arrive at the polling location.

In the general election (typically first Tuesday in November), you can vote for candidates in any party.


What do I need to bring to the polling location?

You should bring a valid photo ID, such as a Michigan driver’s license or identification card. But if you forget or don’t have a valid photo ID, you can still vote. You will just need to sign an affidavit stating that you’re not in possession of a photo ID.


No, Michigan does not allow election-related materials at the polls.